Samsonite Underseater Review

Samsonite Large Wheeled Underseater

Although travel is meant to be enjoyable, for many people the whole experience is stressful. The most troubling part is your luggage or not knowing if it’s going to be protected or if you’ll have enough room under your seat to fit it all in.

If you’re someone who travels regularly you’re probably only interested in quality brands that are designed to offer this type of peace of mind, and those who consistently deliver luggage that tick all of the boxes.

Opened Samsonite Large Wheeled Underseater

You’ll be after a bag that fits securely under your seat, comes from a reputable brand known for its quality, and one that can safely keep all of your personal belongings inside without damage or harm.

Samsonite is one of the most respected names in the luggage world and they’ve created a bag specifically for storage under your seat. This means you don’t have to lose sight of your belongings or worry if they’re going to be taken care of because they’ll be right under the seat in a durable and stylish piece of luggage.

About The Product

When you think of quality luggage, Samsonite is usually one of the first brands that come to mind. Their Large Wheeled Underseater has been designed for the traveler who likes to keep their luggage close by but doesn’t want to give up any space.

With four different colors to choose from and a stylish rippled finish, this is one of those bags that you’ll feel proud to carry around the airport. In addition to looking good, the Samsonite Underseater also has these great features to offer:

  • 100% poly/nylon blend
  • Zipper closure and assorted compartments within
  • 900D poly for high strength and durability
  • Wetpak or soiled or damp items
  • Body measures 16” x 13” x 7.5”
  • Overall measurements 16.5” 13.0” x 9.25”

Not only is this an Underseater design but also a wheeled bag which means you have a few easy ways of carrying it around. This bag is versatile, comfortable, durable, and stylish, ticking all of the boxes for what today’s traveler looks for in a carry on style.

What Others Say

Samsonite makes all of their bags with the highest quality in mind and this one is no different. The 900D poly/nylon blend used in its construction means it will last for years and be there to take you on hundreds of different journeys.

There have been some reviews that claim their bag wasn’t actually able to fit under the airplane seat as advertised and that the measurements didn’t match up to what was advertised.

This seems to be an exception though and may depend on the type of plane. If you’re buying it specifically to be an underseater and don’t want to put it in the luggage compartment above, you might want to keep shopping.

Buying Advice

Shopping for a new piece of luggage used to mean hitting the local department store or overpriced luggage specialty store, but that’s no longer necessary thanks to the internet. Amazon has a great range of luggage and low prices on most of Samsonite’s range, including the Underseater which currently sells for around $75.

Samsonite Large Wheeled Underseater

Purchasing this bag from Amazon also gives you their free shipping bonus so there are no additional freight costs. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you’ll get even more with free express shipping so you could be using your brand new luggage within just 48 hours.

Although it’s a little higher than other carry on bags, you’re paying for quality and durability. Samsonite offers a one-year limited warranty on this piece of luggage but when you shop through Amazon you can get one of their protection plans. For just over $6 you’ll get an additional four years of coverage so it’s a worthwhile investment for sure.

Final Thoughts

If there’s no way you’d travel without anything less than a reputable brand stamped on your luggage, the Samsonite Large Wheeled Underseater is the way to go.

This bag wheels along with ease and then stores neatly underneath the seat so you can always keep an eye on your belongings. This brand has always been known for its high quality and the material and construction used to create this bag is evidence of that. 

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