Travelon Wheeled Carry On Review

Travelon Wheeled Carry On Review

Traveling can be a great adventure, venturing to places you’ve never been or taking business trips to strike up new deals and meet new people. Usually, the better prepared you are for the traveling portion the more likely you are to enjoy your destination, and a lot of this preparation comes down to your luggage.

There are plenty of great carry on bags out there that suit these short-term trips or the times when you like to have one larger bag to check in and one that you keep with you on the plane. Although they are definitely handy to have close by, sometimes they’re seriously lacking in how much space they offer.

Opened Travelon Wheeled Bag

What the modern traveler needs is a sturdy and reliable carry on bag that can do it all, but also the option to upgrade their room if they need. A bag that can offer plenty of space without having to rely on stuffing anything into a bulky suitcase and paying extra for the additional luggage costs.

This is where the Travelon Wheeled Carry On and Back Up Bag comes in, as a savior for those with extra space needs. This bag offers a standard wheeled carry on and a separate bag that sits on top for any time you might have gone over your luggage allowance and need a quick fix.

About The Product

Travelon is a brand committed to the modern traveler and their range of luggage offers solutions that many others seem to miss. One of the biggest problems when traveling is that we often purchase too many souvenirs, have a big shopping trip, or find that our belongings seem to have multiplied during our stay and we now have no room for them on the way home.

The Travelon Wheeled Carry On and Back Up Bag offers exactly what the name promises, a special back up bag that stores away nicely in the other one for emergencies. With both of these bags you’ll have adequate room for everything and the peace of mind that there’ll be no extra freight costs or the need to purchase a whole new suitcase while you’re away.

This carry on bag is seriously stylish with a trendy quilted finish and a range of colors including black, red, and royal blue to choose from. Other notable features you’ll get when you choose to travel with the Travel Wheeled Carry On include:

  • Fits perfectly underneath airplane seat
  • Mesh expansion pocket and water bottle holder
  • Dimensions 15.5” x 13.5” x 6” in size
  • Back up bag folds away for easy storage
  • Two inline wheels
  • Handle carry or retractable handle for use with wheels

What Others Say

Despite how much room you get inside, this bag is a lot more compact than you’d think. With both bags being used, you can easily transport it thanks to the wheels and handle, and it will store away nicely under your airplane seat without a hassle.

The material used on this carry on could be a little better quality, and there’s no water resistance or stain resistance as you’ll find with other brands. You can easily wipe it down to clean but be sure to keep it away from other liquids as you’ll have a hard time getting anything out without ruining it.

Buying Advice

This space-saving luggage combination is available through Amazon for just over $65. This price includes both the wheeled carry on and the additional bag that stores away inside it waiting to be used, so you’re effectively getting two bags for the price of one.

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On

Shopping through Amazon also means free postage which saves even more, and those lucky enough to be members of Amazon Prime will receive theirs within just two days from ordering.

Travelon offers a one-year limited warranty with their luggage which is pretty standard for something of this quality, but be sure to keep it protected to avoid any stains or water damage.

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who likes to travel with peace of mind that you’ll have enough luggage space for everything on the way home, the Travelon Wheeled Cary on and Back Up Bag is a smart choice.

This offers two bags in one without any extra bulk and it means your shopping, documents, souvenirs, or whatever else you’re bringing home will be catered to.

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