Travelpro Carry On Tote Review

Travelpro Carry On Tote Review

When you’re traveling anywhere, whether it’s overseas or just across the state, your main priority is comfort. The last thing you need when you’re rushing around an airport or trying to get all of your stuff onto the plane is a big, bulky bag making you uncomfortable, yet so many luggage manufactures seems to miss this important feature.

Bags seem to get heavier as they offer more security, but there’s no reason that a carry on bag has to weight this much just to keep your belongings safe. What the modern traveler needs is something lightweight, durable, and stylish that they can easily pack up and go on their next trip.

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If comfort is your ultimate goal when traveling but you also want to be sure your stuff is safe and secure, you need a tote style carry on that can get the job done.

Travelpro has designed a tote just like this which promises to be lightweight but strong enough for all of your personal belongings. If you’ve been waiting for comfortable carry on options to come along, this is the choice for you.

About The Product

Travelpro is a master when it comes to making luggage that actually meets the needs of the modern traveler, and they have a huge selection of bags to choose from. Their Carry On Tote is ultra lightweight, comfortable, and soft, making it perfect for people who like to travel with less stress and discomfort.

The Travelpro Carry On Tote comes in a range of colors to suit every style, including khaki green, azure blue, and dusty rose. Not only are they stylish, but they’re incredibly lightweight weighing just 1.6lbs for the tote. Other notable features of these bags include:

  • Limited lifetime coverage on the product
  • Water resistant and stain resistant polyester fabric
  • 11 x 18 x 8” dimensions
  • Rear strap and top carry handle options
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Built-in pockets and organized sections

What Others Say

The best thing about this bag is how light it is which means you can get more of your belongings inside before you start going over weight limits. At around 1.5lbs you’ll barely feel it until you start packing, and it’s got a soft and comfortable material that makes it so easy to travel with.

One flaw is a lack of pockets within, especially for those traveling on business who might have a few different bits and pieces to organize. If you’re someone who needs a lot of pockets and separate compartments you might be better off shopping around until you find it.

Buying Advice

To get this ultra lightweight carry on bag for yourself, head to Amazon for a great price with a current promotion offering a further 10% off the price. Currently, they have the bag listed for under $60 which is pretty great value when you compare it to other quality carry on totes on the market.

Another great thing about shopping through Amazon and skipping the queue at the local luggage or department store is free shipping. Everyone will be treated to shipping at no extra cost and members of Amazon Prime will have theirs delivered within just 48 hours.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5

Travelpro offers a Limited Lifetime Coverage which guarantees the quality of their product. In addition, you’ll also get one year of their trusted companion promise which covers the tote for any damage caused by the airline or another carrier within the first 12 months.

Both of these prove just how well made Travelpro’s bags are, so you don’t have to second guess if they’re worth the money.

Final Thoughts

Travelpro is definitely a leader in the world of luggage and travel accessories, and their ultralight Carry On Tote is proof of that. This bag is seriously light, comfortable to carry, and secure enough to keep your most prized possessions safe, making it the ideal travel companion.

This bag proves that you don’t have to spend $100 or more just to get a decent carry on tote and it comes with their lifetime guarantee on quality. 

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